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Review: Find Me by Romily Bernard

Find Me - Romily Bernard

This was such an awesome book. I loved the hacking, the mystery/thriller part, the romance,... All of that was seriously great, but I didn't like the fact that I kind of suspected who the bad buy was, and I was right. This would've been a 5 star book if I had absolutely no idea until the very end. But it's still great!

Wicket is an outsider. Someone the rich people like the call 'Trash'. She has a bad attitude and loves sarcasm. She and her sister live with their foster parents Bren and Todd. Wick earns some money hacking for other women to spy on their boyfriends/husbands. One day, she receives a diary of a girl she used to be friends with, before her deadbeat dad disappeared. In that diary she finds the words 'Find Me'. Pretty freaky, but that same day, that girl is found dead. She committed suicide. A morbid game of hide & seek follows. She can count on Griff to help her but, when her dad returns, it only makes things more complicated.

The writing was pretty good in this book. Although it was a tiny bit predictable as for who the bad guy was, the author kept me on edge and I was still wondering what was going on. It had me hooked. Plus the hacking is awesome. I don't know a thing about that stuff, but I love reading about it. And the romance was great too. It wasn't rushed or anything in my opinion.

I loved Wick. Seriously. I love her sarcasm and her "don't-care" attitude. And she's an awesome hacker. That too. I adored Lily. She's such a bright and adorable girl! It's hard not to love and adore her. It really is. Griff was cool. He's funny and cute and he's pretty sweet for Wick. The romance wasn't the main focus, which was great, because that would've taken away a lot from the suspense if it was.

OH I loved the little fragments from Tessa's diary at the start of each chapter. A bit creepy, but still cool. And the cover is also cool.

This book kept me on edge and I almost couldn't put it away just because I had to figure out the truth. Which is a pretty amazing thing to accomplish with me. I recommend this for fans of the genre. Fans of books about hacking will most likely also love this.

BookLikes Community Guidelines

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We're happy to see so many avid readers, authors, reviewers - all new members on BookLikes. We hope you'll feel comfy here and that you'll find BookLikes engaging and enjoyable.


We've prepared several points that will help you in discovering and exploring BookLikes. Here are some of our hints and guidelines:


 Each BookLikes member receives personal webpage with Blog, Shelf, Timeline which can be edited and personalized in particular tabs in Settings and Customization tab

Read more in post Your Blog on BookLikes - Custom-Made


Each BookLikes member is administrator and has access to admin mode of his/her webpage and Dashboard once he/she signs up and then logs into service. Public view of webpage is available with individual address yourusername.booklikes.com. You can also use your own domain with no fees. 


Dashboard is a place where you see writings and bookshelf updates of people you follow. 

Read more in post Dashboard - A Place Where All Bookish Things Happen.


BookLikes Community can be found on Explore page. Blogs are put into categories. You can edit and change your categories in Settings/Blog.

Read more in post Let's Explore More & Tags and Comments Updates.


You can publish review, text, photo, video, URL of your choice and complement it with a book/books (up to 10). Inspiring and well written reviews are always encouraged, welcome and may be promoted


You can create posts and publish them on your webpage, however, if BookLikes members find it assaulting or violating they can block the user who might be removed from Follower list. This means that the person with inappropriate texts might receive lower priority and may not be presented in Explore page where we present BookLikes Community. 

Read more in post Followers, Book Blog Directory Reminder & Import Updates.


No text, review or any other post will be removed from personal webpage. Inappropriate and assaulting texts can be hidden from BookLikes Community Dashboard but will stay on personal public blog. Remember that opinions in posts are those of the post's author and not BookLikes.com.


Comments under posts can be moderated by author of the post. Author of the post can delete comments if he/she finds comment inappropriate.

Read more in post Comments Open For All & Add Shelf in Book Pop Up.


You can import books from Goodreads (export your library to csv file), LibraryThing (export your library to csv file), Lovely Books and Lubimy czytać in Settings/Import. You can also sync your Goodreads account with your BookLikes profile - then books and reviews published on BL will be also visible on GR.

Read more in post BookLikes -> Goodreads Synchronization.


BookLikes Team releases new feature once a week every Thursday.  All updates and news can be followed on BookLikes Blog and our social media. If you have any questions, requests, suggestions or concerns, just mail us. We're open to new ideas and appreciate all the feedback.



We're happy to welcome so many new book lovers on our site.


BookLikes Team hopes that the service will stay a positive, friendly and respectful place for people who love reading books and discussing them. We all hope you'll help us in creating unique space for avid readers, reviewers, writers, all book lovers and members of book world. 


BookLikes Welcomes New Book Lovers :-) And now let's start reading.

Don't judge a book by its author!

We all know the saying Don't judge a book by its cover. Well, last night when I was thinking all the drama going on, I thought of this other version of that. Don't know if it already exists or not, but I don't care.


Don't judge a book by its author!


Yes. Don't do that! I know there are some (okay, a lot.) of authors out there that are paranoid and mean whenever they read a negative review. That's why this drama on Goodreads started in the first place. But, there's a but. That shouldn't stop you from reading a book! I read a comment from a girl somewhere that she found some of her favorite books of all time by those negative reviews. And I have too! So when an author is behaving like a bitch or whatever, don't cancel out the book! The book can't help it and it may be awesome!


I know we all look at the cover a bit, but just ignore the name. It's the words inside that cover that count. Savvy?

Shelve it!

Love that 'Shelve it!' option! :D Don't know what I'm talking about?


Go to Shelf (on top of the page, next to the search bar).


There you see 'Shelve it!' really small. 


Now drag that to your bookmarks bar and whenever you're on Amazon or one of the other site listed there under the question mark and you see a book you like, just click on that Shelve It button in your bookmarks.


and you get redireced to BookLikes and you can add it to your shelves! :D 


Savvy? :D


Pretty cool. Goodreads should have a feature like this. 


So if you've added book to Goodreads after the import was complete, you can shelve them like this! :D Don't know how to import your books? Check this post


Estimated time left: 1011 hours

309/943 books imported...

That's actually moving along quick :D But I love the gif so.



Stacking The Shelves #17

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Moving Your Books from GoodReads to BookLikes

Reblogging, this may help some people who are importing their lists from GR.


So you want to start using BookLikes, but the prospect of manually adding your ENTIRE library of books/reviews is daunting, to say the least. Do not fear. There's an easy way to your entire book list and reviews from GoodReads and import it into BookLikes. Here is how.

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Coffee and a good book
Coffee and a good book

Exactly! And I'm enjoying both now! What are you reading?

Dear Goodreads, Kindly GTFO

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This post. All of this. My sentiments exactly. I could not have said it better. 

Cover Mania #5

Check out an all new Cover Mania. This week with a very popular and gorgeous cover!

"Laughter is timeless. Imagination has no age. And dreams are forever."

Walt Disney

Stir Me Up - Sabrina Elkins Review to come September 23rd!


Waterfell - Amalie Howard

Istyria book blog - B's world of enchanted books

*I received a free copy of this book from the publisher via Netgalley for review. Thanks!*

3.5 stars

Oh my god this is such a difficult book to rate. It was a cool, original story with fun characters, written pretty great… But despite that, I couldn’t connect with the story or the characters. Hence the lower rating. And I feel so bad for that, but I can’t help it.Nerissa is the main character in Waterfell and she’s not just a normal girl. Nerissa is to be the queen of Waterfell, the undersea kingdom stolen from her the day her father was murdered. So she hides in a human form until the day she comes of age and can claim her birthright. It’s only logic that falling in love with a boy is the last thing she should do, but somehow Lo sneaks past her defenses and she can’t help but falling for him. But will he hold her back when it comes to getting her thrown back, or will he help her win?

This is a cool story, let me say that first. It’s original and exciting and pretty awesome. And even though it was kind of slow in the beginning, it’s really engaging. And I loved the background information and the history of the Aquarathi. But I would have liked more mermaid-ish action and like I mentioned in the beginning, I couldn’t connect to it. The writing is very good, that’s not it. I don’t know why I couldn’t connect with the story. Maybe because of the way the romance started? You know, it’s kind of typical, a sort of insta-love. And afterwards you get it, sort of. But when you’re reading it, it annoys the hell of you. Nerissa acts like she hates Lo and can’t stand him, but actually she does and actually she likes him a lot. I really didn’t like that.You know, a soon-to-be Aquarathi queen of an underwater kingdom called Waterfell isn’t easy to relate to. I think that’s one of the other reasons I couldn’t connect to the story.

I didn’t really like Nerissa and she’s not really relatable. I liked Jenna, her best friend. She was fun and sweet and a normal teen, thus pretty relatable. (Except for the having-a-mermaid-as-best-friend part.) And I liked Lo, but I didn’t trust him. And I had a reason for that too. Always knew there was something fishy about him. And yeah Speio was okay too, but he acted like the jealous boyfriend the whole time, which was irritating. And then he betrays Nerissa, which didn’t make sense at all.

So this is a really good book and I definitely recommend it to fans of mermaid stories. It’s a shame I couldn’t connect to it as much as I wanted too, but that doesn’t mean the story is bad. So give it a shot! It’s definitely worth it.

Sensation: A Superhero Novel (Kid Sensation, #1) - Kevin Hardman Istyria book blog - B's world of enchanted books*I received this book for free from the author in exchange for an honest review. Thanks!*My first thought after finishing this book was: ‘Wow, this is a comic in book form.’ And that’s not a bad thing. Absolutely not. I love comics with superheroes and all that stuff. And I read this pretty quick. Got through it in less than 3 hours.This book is about Jim, a teenage boy with super powers. He moonlights as a Super Bounty Hunter under the name Mohawk and he’s also known as Kid Sensation. He got into the trials of the Academy, a place where all teen with powers go to see if they can become a superhero. And because of some super ass he didn't get a chance to enter even though he was qualified.I enjoyed this book because I love all things superhero (Marvel, DC Comics, … that sort of stuff. And elements. Let’ s not forget those). Yeah, I’m a geek. But it was not really that special for me. It had a few flaws, which brought the book down a lot. It was a bit confusing with the flashbacks too. The writing was okay but there were some typos. I didn't have to think that much while reading and sometimes that’s not a bad thing. But when there was a flashback, that changed and I was confused because I didn't immediately got the fact that it’s a flashback. I do like the cover, it gives the book the whole comic book vibe I got when I finished it.I liked the characters, but there were cliches. I don’t mind a few, but in this book, there were quite a lot of them. Overall this is a good book to read when I’m lazy and just want to put my mind off things and have a good time. It’s that sort of book. And there’s nothing wrong with that.
Freak of Nature (IFICS, #1) - Julia Crane Istyria book blog - B's world of enchanted books*I received a free copy of this book from the publisher via netgalley. Thanks!*I didn't really know what to expect when I started this book. But I didn't expect to like it as much as I did. Although there isn't a lot of action and it has it's bad points, I quite liked this book.Freak of Nature is about Kaitlyn, a girl who died in a car accident some time ago. When she checked off the box 'donate body to science' on her driver's licence, she didn't expect to be made into a cyborg. Now she has no memory of who she once was. She's designed to be a lethal weapon with no emotions, but that's her biggest secret. She still has emotions. And she can't tell anyone, afraid that they'll take what's left of her humanity. And then there's Lucas. The very handsome, young and brilliant scientist. He feels guilty because he knew who Kaitlyn was before. And he never expected a science project to affect him the way Kaitlyn does. And he never expected her to be able to feel.As I said, I quite liked it. The writing was good, yeah I saw a few typos, but they didn't really bother me. It's a very interesting story and Kaitlyn is such an interesting main character. So the fact that there wasn't much action was okay for me because I liked her interaction with the other characters. And I liked the romance. It was so cute and I really believed it. Of course a handsome nerd falls for a cyborg. That's a dream couple. So yeah, I enjoyed this story and I'm excited to see the rest of their journey. And I just loved the fact that IFICS doesn't really mean anything, but it's just Sci-Fi backwards.I just loved Kaitlyn. She was so fascinating. And I connected to her, which I didn't expect. It was so funny that some things that are normal for us, like rolling the eyes, is strange to her because she doesn't remember much from what it was like to be just a human. And she has to hide the fact that she can feel because she doesn't want them to take what's left. Plus she is an awesome cyborg that can kick some serious ass.For the rest of the characters. I liked them all. I adore Lucas, he's just a sweet guy. And a very smart and handsome one at that. Just my type really. And I loved Quess, Kaitlyn's friend in the lab. She's funny and she helps Kaitlyn understand the things she doesn't remember. Really adorable. And there are a couple of side characters, but they were all easy to like. And they all played a part in the story. So good job on the characters! And again, I want to see the rest of their journey!This is a cool sci-fi story with a sweet and cute romance and I recommend it to fans of this genre. And if you're not really a fan of sci-fi, give it a shot, maybe you'll like it anyway?
Falling Stars (A Surah Stormsong Novel, #2) - H.D. Gordon Istyria book blog - B's world of enchanted books*I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review. Thanks!*Well, Heather… You’ve done it again. This was one hell of a book. Mind-blowing, all-consuming, can’t-look-away-even-if-I-tried, breathtaking, heart-pounding,… Words just aren’t enough to describe what I think of this book. It was all that and more. Especially the romance. Well… I expected it actually. Having read all but one of H.D. Gordon’s books, I knew it would be awesome. And it sure was. Damn.Falling Stars starts right where Shooting Stars left off. Now I can’t tell too much about it because of spoilers, so I’ll just say that Surah and Charlie are in for a breathtaking romance and a whole lot of trouble. This series is starting to prove itself to be just as epic as the Alexa Montgomery Saga was."You," she said. "I think I’m afraid of you, Charlie. Of getting too…involved with you."Just as in all the other books, the writing was awesome. Heather has a way of pulling me into a story and never letting me go. Not even for a second. I was right there with Surah and Charlie and even Samson. I felt like I was a part of their journey. And what a journey it was. Just the right amount of action and the romance… I’ll say it again… Damn. My heart stopped several times over the course of this book only to pound a hundred times faster when it started back up again. And it literally made me gasp at some points. Not just the romance, but the whole book. I love how I’m pulled into each and every book Heather wrote and feel so many things. And I loved the fact that we got some chapters from Samson’s Point of view. He is without a doubt the most awesome pet animal.I think it’s safe to say that Surah is one of the most awesome characters ever. She’s no spoiled princess that needs a knight in shining armor to help her when she’s in trouble. Surah can handle herself, and how. She can seriously kick some ass. And I love for that. The most awesome princess ever. (With the most awesome pet ever.) And Charlie… Charlie. I can’t think of him without getting a big fat smile on my face and a deep sigh. Though he, too, can kick serious ass, he’s also very sweet and caring and just… perfect in my eyes. I love him. And it’s pretty obvious I love Samson too. But I hate Michael and actually… I hate Theo too. Just don’t like him."Sometimes, I swear it’s like you can see right through me, so how is it you can’t seem to see what’s going on here? What is it that you’re missing? You don’t want me to risk everything for you? Charlie, I already have."One last thing before I end this review… What is up with that ending Heather? Seriously??? Are you kidding me? I’m sure somewhere in the world this is a form of torture. Just… Just give me the next book okay? Like… Yesterday.Fans of H.D. Gordon will love this book. And people who haven’t read anything from her yet… Well I suggest you better get started. Read the Alexa Montgomery Saga first. It’s not necessary but you’ll understand some things in these series better when you do. If you love fantasy and an amazing romance, I highly recommend Heather’s books!