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Sensation: A Superhero Novel (Kid Sensation, #1) - Kevin Hardman Istyria book blog - B's world of enchanted books*I received this book for free from the author in exchange for an honest review. Thanks!*My first thought after finishing this book was: ‘Wow, this is a comic in book form.’ And that’s not a bad thing. Absolutely not. I love comics with superheroes and all that stuff. And I read this pretty quick. Got through it in less than 3 hours.This book is about Jim, a teenage boy with super powers. He moonlights as a Super Bounty Hunter under the name Mohawk and he’s also known as Kid Sensation. He got into the trials of the Academy, a place where all teen with powers go to see if they can become a superhero. And because of some super ass he didn't get a chance to enter even though he was qualified.I enjoyed this book because I love all things superhero (Marvel, DC Comics, … that sort of stuff. And elements. Let’ s not forget those). Yeah, I’m a geek. But it was not really that special for me. It had a few flaws, which brought the book down a lot. It was a bit confusing with the flashbacks too. The writing was okay but there were some typos. I didn't have to think that much while reading and sometimes that’s not a bad thing. But when there was a flashback, that changed and I was confused because I didn't immediately got the fact that it’s a flashback. I do like the cover, it gives the book the whole comic book vibe I got when I finished it.I liked the characters, but there were cliches. I don’t mind a few, but in this book, there were quite a lot of them. Overall this is a good book to read when I’m lazy and just want to put my mind off things and have a good time. It’s that sort of book. And there’s nothing wrong with that.