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Don't judge a book by its author!

We all know the saying Don't judge a book by its cover. Well, last night when I was thinking all the drama going on, I thought of this other version of that. Don't know if it already exists or not, but I don't care.


Don't judge a book by its author!


Yes. Don't do that! I know there are some (okay, a lot.) of authors out there that are paranoid and mean whenever they read a negative review. That's why this drama on Goodreads started in the first place. But, there's a but. That shouldn't stop you from reading a book! I read a comment from a girl somewhere that she found some of her favorite books of all time by those negative reviews. And I have too! So when an author is behaving like a bitch or whatever, don't cancel out the book! The book can't help it and it may be awesome!


I know we all look at the cover a bit, but just ignore the name. It's the words inside that cover that count. Savvy?