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Falling Stars (A Surah Stormsong Novel, #2) - H.D. Gordon Istyria book blog - B's world of enchanted books*I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review. Thanks!*Well, Heather… You’ve done it again. This was one hell of a book. Mind-blowing, all-consuming, can’t-look-away-even-if-I-tried, breathtaking, heart-pounding,… Words just aren’t enough to describe what I think of this book. It was all that and more. Especially the romance. Well… I expected it actually. Having read all but one of H.D. Gordon’s books, I knew it would be awesome. And it sure was. Damn.Falling Stars starts right where Shooting Stars left off. Now I can’t tell too much about it because of spoilers, so I’ll just say that Surah and Charlie are in for a breathtaking romance and a whole lot of trouble. This series is starting to prove itself to be just as epic as the Alexa Montgomery Saga was."You," she said. "I think I’m afraid of you, Charlie. Of getting too…involved with you."Just as in all the other books, the writing was awesome. Heather has a way of pulling me into a story and never letting me go. Not even for a second. I was right there with Surah and Charlie and even Samson. I felt like I was a part of their journey. And what a journey it was. Just the right amount of action and the romance… I’ll say it again… Damn. My heart stopped several times over the course of this book only to pound a hundred times faster when it started back up again. And it literally made me gasp at some points. Not just the romance, but the whole book. I love how I’m pulled into each and every book Heather wrote and feel so many things. And I loved the fact that we got some chapters from Samson’s Point of view. He is without a doubt the most awesome pet animal.I think it’s safe to say that Surah is one of the most awesome characters ever. She’s no spoiled princess that needs a knight in shining armor to help her when she’s in trouble. Surah can handle herself, and how. She can seriously kick some ass. And I love for that. The most awesome princess ever. (With the most awesome pet ever.) And Charlie… Charlie. I can’t think of him without getting a big fat smile on my face and a deep sigh. Though he, too, can kick serious ass, he’s also very sweet and caring and just… perfect in my eyes. I love him. And it’s pretty obvious I love Samson too. But I hate Michael and actually… I hate Theo too. Just don’t like him."Sometimes, I swear it’s like you can see right through me, so how is it you can’t seem to see what’s going on here? What is it that you’re missing? You don’t want me to risk everything for you? Charlie, I already have."One last thing before I end this review… What is up with that ending Heather? Seriously??? Are you kidding me? I’m sure somewhere in the world this is a form of torture. Just… Just give me the next book okay? Like… Yesterday.Fans of H.D. Gordon will love this book. And people who haven’t read anything from her yet… Well I suggest you better get started. Read the Alexa Montgomery Saga first. It’s not necessary but you’ll understand some things in these series better when you do. If you love fantasy and an amazing romance, I highly recommend Heather’s books!