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Easy - Tammara Webber Don't know why I bother to write a full review, because nobody really reads my reviews anyway, but yeah. Here goes...Oh this book. I don't know how I can discribe this book. It's just so... AWESOME! No wonder I read it in a few hours. I just couldn't put it down.It starts with a bang and it messes my emotions up all the time. From sobbing to crying to laughing to make me run circles and go 'omg omg omg omg omg'. This woman knows how to write a kiss (and more, hihih), damn. She made me feel all warm and weak-kneed. Geesh. xDThe ending was the perfect happy ending I wanted for them. Yeah, I'm hopelessly romantic. =) It's just so great and I'm so greatful that I have found Goodreads, otherwise I would have never known about this book (and many others to). This is the second book to mess me up (the first one was The Fault In Our Stars by John Green) and I didn't mind. I will read this book again, even though my heart probable can't take so many emotions and I will faint or have a heart attack or something. I'm a sucker for these kind of books even if it isn't good for me to read them, lol. These will discribe it for me I think: