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The F-It List - Julie Halpern *I received a free copy of this book from the publisher via Netgalley for review. Thanks Macmillan/Feiwel & Friends!*The F- It List is a heart warming, funny and sometimes disturbing story about love, friendship, loss, death and cancer. I expected it to be sad and I expected to cry a lot, mostly because of the topic. But I didn't. Honestly, I laughed. A lot. The day of her father's funeral, Alex' best friend Becca sleeps with her boyfriend. It seems like an unforgivable something to do and for most of the summer that follows, Alex ignores Becca. She doesn't want to talk to her and doesn't want to see her. But when she's going back to school after the summer is over, ready to talk to Becca and forgive her, she hears from a girl at school that Becca has cancer. So she goes to visit her and Becca gives reveals her bucket list. They call it the F- It List and Alex is going to try to do as many things as she can for her best friend. And then Leo comes along and it promises to be one heck of a school year. Like I said, I expected this story to be so sad and I thought I'd be a sobbing mess, but it wasn't and I wasn't. It was quite funny actually. And heart warming. I loved this book. Although nothing big actually happens. It doesn't have a lot of action or plot twists. It's just a story. And it reminded me of The Fault In Our Stars by John Green. The writing was really really good. It just flowed and I actually lived the story with the characters. I was sad with them, I was happy with them, I fell in love with them. I loved the romances in this book. None of that insta-love stuff, no love-triangles. Just love. Two girls who met two guys and fell in love with them. The one is a sweet and sometimes fluffy romance between Becca and Caleb. Although we don't see much of him, I liked him and how he was with Becca while she's sick. The other one is between Alex and Leo and it's not your typical romance. But it was sweet none the less. Loved both of them!So obviously I'm going to talk about the characters. I loved Becca. She's such a tough person. She deals with the whole sickness so well. She never gives up and I love her so much. Plus she's a perv, which is awesome. Then we have Caleb. He lives next door to Becca and I loved their romance, like I said. Although we don't see much of him, he was really sweet to Becca. Next in line is Alex. Becca's best friend. She's such a cool, slightly disturbing and weird character. She loves all things horror and yeah, she's weird. So awesome. And she's a great friend to Becca. Doing all that stuff on that list. I loved their conversations. Hilarious! Aaaand, last but certainly not least, Leo! He is like the male version of Alex and that's why they're so perfect together. Alex has had a crush on him for a while and I loved seeing their relationship grow and I loved how they were together. Plus Leo is so yummm.Great story + great writing + great, relatable, awesome characters = The F- It List. Highly recommended! Especially if you loved books like The Fault In Our Stars.