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Hidden Wings (Hidden Wings, #1) - Cameo Renae 1.5 stars*I received a copy of this book from the publisher via netgalley. Thanks!*WARNING: This review is NOT positive and it WILL be a little bit ranty.If you’ve been reading my reviews for a while now, you know angel books can be a hit or a miss for me. This was not a hit, unfortunately. Though the blurb and the cover make it look and sound like a great book, it wasn't for me. Not at all.I’m not going to waste anytime giving a short summary of the book. This book was so frustrating and those were the longest 200 pages ever. It didn’t seem to end and while that is a good thing with some books, it wasn't for this one. I couldn't wait for it to end. The writing was… not good. Not even okay. This book needs a good editor. Some things just sounded ridiculous. And I didn't feel anything throughout the book. Part of that was probably because of the characters, which I’ll explain in a minute. The book was a bit boring too. Nothing really happened until the second half of the book and by then it already lost my interest. Some of the action scenes weren't that bad, but still. It took a whole lot more to make me love the book. Or even like it.The events in this book take place over just a few days and despite that the romance in this book is insta-love. Sigh. I’m starting to hate it. With a passion. Seriously. Especially in this book. Again, the characters. Okay, let’s just get straight to it.I was never so frustrated by characters before. Not even Bella from Twilight. I’m serious. Even though her name is Emma Wise, she certainly isn’t wise or smart. And no depth at all. The book starts out when they’re bringing her in the hospital after a horrible car crash in which her parents died. It’s a miracle she even survived. The next day, they tell her she’s moving to Alaska the next day to some aunt. You’d think that she’d mourn the loss of her parents, but noooo. She’s angry because she has to leave her friends and stuff behind. And the next day, Kade comes to pick her up. She’s instantly in love with him. Again, her parents just died two days ago and she thinks about the boy and how hot he is? -Sigh- Then they leave for Alaska and on the plane Kade tells her she’ll be home schooled and that makes her angry again because that’s not fair and she can’t spend her senior year being home schooled. And blah blah blah. No emotions. At all.Then there are the best friends. One of the things her friend asks is: What happened to your cell? At that point, I was screaming to my e-reader. Your best friend just miraculously survived a deadly car crash. What the hell do you think happened to her cell phone? Ugh. Is it normal in the US that people who miraculously survived a deadly car crash can leave the hospital and go on a plane the next day? I don’t know that but it sounds pretty stupid.There have never been so much caps in my notes before. So yeah, I was frustrated a lot reading this book and I am so so SO happy I finished it because I never thought I would. So I’m sorry, but I can’t say that I recommend this book to anyone. I guess if you love angel books, you might as well give it a try because I want to know if there is anyone who shares my opinion. Sigh.