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Pivot Point

Pivot Point - Oh my god. That's about the only thing I can come up with now. Oh my god. This book was so... Brilliant, original, heartbreaking, sad, happy and full of love and friendship. I may have a new favorite for this year!This book is about Addie. She lives in a Compound, a place where people with abilities live. It's top secret and the Norms, normal people, don't know about it. Addie can see where certain paths take her in the future when she has to make a choice. When her parents tell her they will be getting a divorce, she has to choose to stay with her mom or her dad, who is leaving the compound to live in Norm world. In one future she is pursued by the hottest guy in school, Duke, but she never wanted to be a quarterback's girlfriend. In the other one she's adjusting to live outside the Compound with her dad. She meets Trevor, a cute, sensitive and sweet artist and he understands her. But when her father is asked to consult in a murder in the Compound, she's drawn into a dangerous game that threatens everything and everyone she loves. Love and loss in both lives, but she has to choose which one she wants to live through and who she can't live without.This was such an amazing story. The writing is so great and the world where Addie lives in is so original. I loved how the author chose to indicate which future it was at the beginning of each chapter. This story was build so great and both futures blended together in so many ways, especially near the end and I know she must have worked on this a long time and thought it through about a hundred times. So amazing! The romance in this book was beautiful. I believed it and there was no insta-love or anything like that! I never really trusted Duke, and I'm glad I was right in the end. I hate those popular hot quarterback types. I loved the characters too. Addie is so cool. I wish I had her power sometimes. And I feel for her too, but I know she makes the right choice in the end. Laila is such a vibrant and funny character! And Trevor may be my new book-boyfriend. All of them were great, even the bad ones, who I still hate. Well developed and surprisingly realistic for people who have abilities (well, not all of them of course). Awesome.I highly recommend this book to everyone. It's a must-read for sure. And I'm so glad I have the hard-back because I will re-read it many times in the future and I love the cover too. Just awesome. And Brilliant. And breathtaking. Read it. NOW!