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Just Like Fate

Just Like Fate - Cat Patrick, Suzanne Young *I received this book from the publisher via Edelweiss for review. Thanks!*4.5 stars Although I didn’t expect it to, this book made me feel a lot and in the end, I sighed and smiled. This was such a beautiful story. Both sad and full of hope and love and friendship.Caroline’s grandmother is very sick, probably dying. Along with her family, Caroline has been by her side since the stroke. With so much pressure building, all she wants is to escape and when Simone, her best friend, offers to take her to a party on that fateful Friday night, she ends up at a crossroads . Will she stay with her grandma? Or go to the party with Simone? Her decision splits her fate into two different paths and she’s about to live them both. But which one is the right one?Oh my god, this boo is just… Epic. It’s so damn relatable too. It’s insane. The writing is great, I felt so much reading this book. Probably because a lot of people can relate to this. The story has three parts. Before, Stay and Go. First we have Before and after that you have one chapter Stay, the next Go and after that again Stay and so on. I liked the perspective that gave me. We saw how each of the two choices affected her life and family and friends and even love-life. Yeah, maybe it was a bit predictable, but honestly? I don’t care. It was just a beautiful, amazing story and it ended just as I hoped it would and that’s all that really matters in the end for me.I really liked the characters. Caroline is very easy to relate to. I mean, I know how she felt most of the time because I’ve been there. I understood it. I loved Simone and Natalie and Teddy and Chris and maybe even Joel. And I loved how everything blended together in the end. So beautiful!We end up where we need to be in the end.page 292Amazing book with more depth to it than I expected at first and written so beautifully. I absolutely recommend this book to everyone who ever lost a loved one and everyone who is fortunate enough to have never gone through that pain.Warning! This book can and probably will make you cry. Especially if you cry easily while reading a book like this. It’s a sob-fest, that’s for sure. So.. better keep the Kleenex close!