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Flawed - Kate Avelynn James is why I never left. I should have left.God I'm a mess right now. I just finished this book and I'm just so messed up. I don't agree with the ending. Absolutly not. Seriously. This book had me crying even more then The Fault In Our Stars. And that says something. It broke him, and in turn, he broke us all.I really loved the characters. I felt what they felt. The relationship Sarah and James have is so unhealthy en just not right. James has a lot of issues. The whole plot is brilliantly written. It had me hooked from the start. Sarah and Sam were really sweet.Yeah, the ending was stupid. Didn't like it. This isn't how it should have ended. :(Great book, brilliant writer. Nothing more to say.My first memory of James is what keeps me here, smoothing hair out of a boy’s blood-spattered face. The sirens screaming in the distance are too late.They’re always too lateExactly my reactions reading the ending. Sigh.