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The Prelude: A Musical Interlude Novel

The Prelude - KaSonndra Leigh *ARC copy provided by the author in exchange for an honest review as part of the release blitz, finally! Kidding, love you Kas!*Wow. This story was... Yeesh... It was great! It was romantic, dramatic, and hot. Yeah, seriously hot.In this book we meet Erin at a very hard time in her life. The first chapter, the prologue gave me tears in my eyes already. And then suddenly we're a few years later and Erin has promised herself not to love again in order not to get hurt again. Makes sense, right? I thought so. Love can be a bitch. But she didn't expect to meet Alek, who turns her world upside down and tries to break down the wall she build around herself. "Never be afraid to try something new, Erin."The story started out good, as I already said. But the first two chapters after the prologue didn't really get my attention and I was easily distracted from the book. That changed when I started chapter 3 and the story began to get more and more interesting every page I turned. The double POV really helped in that. It made the story better and it got to me more and more every chapter. The relationship isn't rushed and that is a very good thing. It's not an instant love kinda thing. It builds and grows as the story goes along and I loved that. When I was about 70% into the story, I got a feeling what was going to happen and I didn't want to be right, but I was and I was crying and sobbing and then the end came and I was crying happy tears. So it's an understatement when I say this book is an emotional roller coaster.And in your dreams, sometimes the darkest memories manage to find a way to come at you. I really liked Erin. She had a tough time when she was young and that made her shy away from anything new and avoids love at all cost because she doesn't want to get hurt. So when she meets Alek, she kind of tries to avoid him because he is a huge new thing. (A delicious and handsome one at that.) She doesn't want that in her perfectly organised life. But she opens up to him and grows. And I loved her in the end. Alek was... omg Alek. He's yummy. He has issues and a past but he also grows and opens up to Erin. They help each other and learn each other how to love again and that was one of the best things in this book in my opinion. I hated Lila, by the way. God what a *beeeeep*. So Kas, I really really REALLY loved your book and I hope I get more of Erin and Alek in the future? Or anything else from you in this genre is fine too. This review will also be on my blog, Amazon and Barnes & Noble.