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Promise Me This

Promise Me This - Sarah Ashley Jones I received a free copy from this book from the author in exchange for an honest review as a beta reader.Damnit Sarah, now you've made me cry all sorts of tears. Guess you're on my list of Authors who made me cry now. And you're the second person who wrote a book I dreamed about after reading it. This is the story of 20-year old Charlie. After her brother died, she goes to his home in San Diego, far away from her home in Tennessee. There she meets Jhett. A friend of her brother. And then Charlie's life changes and her parents are not to fond of that. I loved this story. A lot. I liked Charlie. In a way she reminded me of myself. (Except for the fact that I don't have rich parents.) She's pretty shy and has always lived the life her parents wanted her to live. Her brother never wanted that so he moved to San Diego and he wanted her to move there to, but she never took that step. Until she meets Jhett. More on him later. I loved seeing Charlie grow as a person. She can be pretty stubborn and I loved hearing that Tennessee accent in my head when she was angry. Jhett. Oh my god.... He's yummy. I love him. He's awesome. I want him. The writing is very good, which I had hoped because I didn't want to hate this story. Sarah is a friend of mine and I'm so glad that she did so well! Yeesh, she even made me cry. Really cry! That's hard to accomplish with me (over a book, that is... series or films, no problem.), so you can say that she is a real new upcoming talent! I felt everything Charlie and Jhett felt and I loved them so much. I loved the fact that there is actual character development in this book! They both grow because of each other. Awesome. But I hate Charlie's mom. God, she's an awful woman. So yeah, I loved this book. I'm a beta reader for it, so maybe things will change in the editing process, but it's awesome nonetheless. Read it. It comes out next month and you can win a copy in the big giveaway I'm having at the end of June! (Or sooner.) This review will be up on my blog, Istyria book blog, tomorrow morning!