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These Broken Stars

These Broken Stars - Amie Kaufman, Meagan Spooner *I received this book from the publisher via netgalley in exchange for an honest review. Thanks!*This book just took my breath away. It has one of the most incredible and breathtaking romances I've ever seen (read) and it made me love Science Fiction. Just... phenomenal! Can't find another word for it.This book is about Lilac Laroux, daughter of the richest man in the galaxy, and Tarver Merendsen, a soldier who came from nothing, a war hero. They're traveling through space on the huge luxurious spaceliner Icarus when the inimaginable happens. The Icarus is yanked out of hyperspace and crashes on the nearest planet. Lilac and Tarver are the only survivers and they seem to be alone on this foreign and strange planet. They have to work together and make a journey across the deserted terrain to seek help. But when they start uncovering the truth about the whispers that haunt them, they might find a way off this planet, but will they still be the same as they were when they landed?The writing in this book is just brilliant. The beginning sort of feels like the titanic in space and I loved that. But while the middle is just the two of them hiking across open fields and forests, it never gets boring. Plus there's the fact that after each chapter there is some kind of interrogation going on. So it keeps me interested and I need to read more to know what's happening on that weird planet. The last part of the book is just more awesome. More mysteries, answers to questions we had and the best part of the whole book: the romance.Lilac and Tarver are attracted to one another pretty quick but they both know it can't happen because they're so different. Lilac is in at the top of the social ladder, if you can call it that, and Tarver is at the bottom. So they fight and argue because they know that's how it should be, but that doesn't mean it's how they feel. And when they finally cave in... That's when the book started taking my breath away. Seriously. Never had a book that could do that. So, yeah. Amazing.Lilac seems like one of those stuck up rich girls, but she isn't. There's more to her. Sometimes she acts that way and that's why she isn't perfect. And she's incredibly stubborn. Which I love so much about her. She's tough. Tarver is too. There are so many layers to both of them and I loved getting to know them all. So great. Tarver is so protective and takes his duty as a soldier very seriously. He knows where he stands in the world (well, galaxy) and he isn't interested in being at the top. Love him so much. Since those are the only characters we see in the book (well, most of the time), I can't really tell you much about the other characters. I guess (and hope) we see more of some of them in the next book. Really want to get to know them! But I did get the fact that Lilac's dad is not a nice guy. So once again... Phenomenal, breathtaking, amazing, awesome. Just read it.