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Kat-napped (Kat Scratched Trilogy #2) - D.T. Dyllin This review will be posted on my blog as soon as the cover is revealed!*I received a beta copy of this book from the author for review. Thanks!*4.5 stars!What the hell Dara? What kind of an ending is that? Seriously, I need the third book. Now.Okay, this is going to be short. This is the sequel to Kat Scratch Fever and here we find Kat and James, who are happy in love. Yeah they fight a bit, but there are good surprises and then... Trouble comes luring back around the corner. Kat is kitnapped and things get seriously messed up and then... it ended. The book just ended. So I can't tell you more then that.The story is still really good and compelling. I NEED to read what happens next. Right now. Yeah I still like the characters and bla blabla. Why haven't I received the third book yet?