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Feeling Death (The Death Trilogy #1) - D.T. Dyllin Actual rating: 4.5 starsDamnit Dara, you sure know how to fuck with someones mind. I just read this book and I still have no clue what happened. xD It's like trying to make a 1000-piece puzzle of the sea (seen from above, so only blue). Yeah, that's hard.Even though this book is a complete mindfuck, it's still great and I expected no less from this amazing author. She is so talented and she is one of the few writers that can make a book like this come out great. It has everything I wanted. The sex was very well written in a way only D.T. Dyllin can. I loved all of the characters and once again, Dara has found a way to make every single character matter. Sure, I hate some of them, but you can't love every body. Although... this book was playing with my mind so much I don't even know who is who and who is good or bad anymore. But I want to know what happens next nonetheless.This is a book where you really need to concentrate on what you're reading. So if you are going to read it, make sure you have no distractions for a few hours and focus solely on the book. If you do that, you'll probably understand it more than I did. If you're lucky.Yeah, this is it for this review. My mind is still messed up from reading it so... Damn.