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The Grave Winner - Lindsey R. Loucks This review is also on my blog: Istyria book blog~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Actual rating: 3,5 starsThe Grave Winner is Lindsey's first book and yes, I noticed that sometimes in this book, but I always take that into consideration when I read because everyone makes beginners mistakes. So I tried not to pay to much attention to those. But overall this was a good debut. It was funny (hilarious at times), creepy, mysterious and just a fun read. I definitely had a good time reading it. And I'm still itchy by the way Lindsey. Nice thing you did there. Lol.I loved Leigh, she was very witty and I was really laughing out loud at times. And sarcastic. That was very relatable because my humor is usually very sarcastic to. I loved Jo and Sarah, even though Sarah was a little creepy at times... I liked Tram and Cal and all the other characters.This really is a good ghost story and a perfect book to read around Halloween (other times too, but it really reminded me of a book for Halloween, so...) Oh and I love the cover, fits the story very nice.