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Chantress - Amy Butler Greenfield Actual rating: 3,5 starsSing and the Darkness will find you.With a sentence like that on the cover I was totally prepared to read an awesome book with some cool action and a kick-ass heroine. But... I expected to much because, although I liked it quite a bit, I still feel like it let me down. And I would've liked to know that the story takes place a few centuries ago. Between 1667 and 1669. Maybe that sounds stupid, but I like that kind of information beforehand. Not that it matters a lot in what time the story takes place, it's just a detail that's important to me.First of all, I liked the characters in this story. Lucy and every other character in it matter. How small their part may be, they're all important and I like that. So many books have characters that don't really help the story and are unnecessary, this one didn't. So that's a good thing. I wanted to see a little more from the villain though... We meet him once in the entire book and I can't even remember his name right now... He didn't really leave a big impression on me. The Shadowgrims are cool but they also don't play a big role yet. Maybe we'll get to see more of the bad guys in the sequel? Let's hope so!The story is well thought out. I do believe the author really took some time to work it all out, so that is good. But although it's interesting and quite original, is so slow. I would've liked to see more action, instead most of the book lucy is underground, hiding and training. Love the character developement we get from that, but it gets boring after a couple of hundred pages. I wanted more action! What I do like about that is the romance. It builds nice and slow. it's more realistic and it's not a big part of the story yet. But I think it will be in the books that follow. They probably shouldn't have called it romantic in the blurb though.So this is a pretty good book and fans of the genre might like it. If you want a nice relaxing read, I recommend it as well. If you love books that move to the action quick, I wouldn't recommend it because this isn't one of those book. I really hope we get more action in the next book. The cover is awesome though.