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Shooting Stars (A Surah Stormsong Novel, #1) - H.D. Gordon A new book from H.D. Gordon set in Alexa's world? What did you think my reaction would be? Surah and Charlie are the main characters here and they live in the world from The Alexa Montgomery Saga (which I really recommend by the way) and their story is set after the events from those books. That is just one thing that makes this book awesome. My expectations were really high for this one. H.D. did an amazing job on Alexa's story and I didn't think she could live up to that. I hoped for it, but I didn't think she would. And she didn't let me down. This book is beyond awesome.The night stars hung overhead, a thick glitter that was not visible in the part of her father’s kingdom where she called home. Too many lights on the ground to see the lights in sky. But here was country, a land where only the farmers and their grasses, the Hunters and their mountain lived. Here was a land where the beasts still roamed in the forests, where the night wind whispered the wishes of star-crossed lovers, where the Magic was still used for survival, not show or pride. Here was where the stars were allowed to shine.At first, Surah reminded me of Jasmine (you know, from Aladdin). She was a princess that didn't want to be a princess anymore with a huge tiger as a pet and best friend and she falls in love with a common boy. So I guess Charlie is kind of like Aladdin too. But Jasmine didn't have lavender hair and eyes and cool magic powers and she wasn't hundreds of years old. Surah is one kickass heroine. She can kick some as but at the same time, she struggles with the doubts within herself. Will she be what her father expects her to be? Or will she go her own way? Charlie was so cute and sweet! He has been in love with Surah for years. (Centuries actually.) He even wrote a song for her! Gosh, I want my own Charlie. *swoon*Do I even have to tell you how awesome Samson is? No. You know he is, even if you haven't read the book yet. I don't like Michael, he's an ass and for some reason I don't like Theo either. I just have a bad feeling about that guy.Finally, as if it hurt her to do so, she said, "How much?""How much what?"Mila rolled her eyes, something Samson remembered her doing with annoying frequency when they were younger, an odd Two Leg quality for a feline. "How much do you love her?" Samson’s response was immediate, and though he knew it would hurt her, he also knew it was the right one. "More than the moon loves the night and the sun loves the day."This story doesn't have a slow start. H.D.'s books never really have. She doesn't wait to start the action, she just does it. I love her so much. She is such an incredible writer and an amazing storyteller. She has a way with words that I can't describe. Every time I finish a book, I just sit in my chair for a moment. Speechless. On of the best things of this book? The romance. There is no insta-love here! Not at all. Charlie and Surah have been in love with each other for centuries (even though they have a hard time admitting that). I wouldn't exactly call that insta-love, would you? They are so sweet together and when Charlie sang that song to Surah, the hopeless romantic in me rejoiced. And there’s no way that you can’t see That there’s no way that this can be And saying this to you is really hard But boy, you may as well be shooting at the starsAnd though a fool I may be That girl could never be in love with me I can’t seem to get her off my heart Lovin’ her was written in the starsSo long story short, this book is great. The world, the characters, the story. It is everything I wanted and more. Much more. Thank you H.D. for yet another amazing book. And hurry up on the sequel, please?She understood the words of Charlie’s song now, her song. It really was as if it all had been written in the stars.This review will be posted on my blog on March 28th along with an interview with H.D. herself as a part of the Shooting Stars blog tour!