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Scarlet - Marissa Meyer Review is also on my blog: Bookaddict Bieke4.5 sizzling, dazzling, sparkling stars!Marissa Meyer, you did it again. You picked a fairytale, threw it in a mixer with some of your awesomeness and TADAAA! Scarlet came out of it! This is a great sequel to Cinder and it lives up to my expectations perfectly! So high five Marissa!In this sequel to the fantastic Cinder, we meet some new characters. The awesome Scarlet of course, who is all but a damsel in distress, Captain Carswell Thorne, Cinders new partner-in-crime (sort of) and Wolf. Oh Wolf, how should I discribe you? Jup, that'll do it.Ofcourse we see Cinder again and for all those who kind of forgot some of the things that happened in the first book, you get a nice recap spread throughout the first half of the book, so don't you worry. And Kai is there too. I didn't like Kai in this book. Seriously. What is up with him? I'll show you what I thought of his actions in this book.Uhu, and this:And then Scarlet and Cinder finally meet and team up. I kinda hoped it would happen sooner and not near the end of the novel, but it still is awesome. They are both so awesome. And when I finally came to that point in a novel were you're either happy because you want it to be over or you're crying because you didn't want it to end, I was the lather. I was sad, but also chocked because the ending here left me hanging again. Exactly. But I have to give it a place on my best-books-ever shelf because it is awesome and cool and I can't wait for the next book. So once again, Marissa Meyer, I have to say it: