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January Black - Wendy S. Russo *I received a free copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.*I really liked this book. I really did. It was original and I loved the mystery and the riddle Matty has to solve and I loved discovering it with him. This was a pretty good book.So this is the story of Matty. He's really smart. Seriously. I had a headache when he was talking or thinking smart things. Wendy did her research on that department. I liked the world she created and the references to this time. You know, the months, Yesa (I see what you did there Wendy, smart, really smart, lol.), That was really cool. So this smart guy doesn't like the school he goes to because the teachers are actually less smart then he is and he is bored all the time. So the King offers him a master's diploma but first he has to answer the question: What was January Black? It's a ship, but that's not the answer the King wants. So Matty has to figure out what January Black really was and I loved that we learned everything together with him. It kept me guessing and it was so fascinating. This was a really fascinating book. I loved Matty. Like I said, he gave me a headache every now and then, but I liked him. For some reason I kept hearing his voice in a British accent. Don't know why. I loved Iris and they were very cute together. It didn't feel forced and it was nice to see them grow as a couple. To see them fall in love with each other. I didn't know whether or not to like King Hadrian. Some times I did, then I didn't. Same with his dad. But I loved his mother. I don't exactly know what genre this is exactly. YA fantasy I think. So if you love that genre, you should read this book. If you don't, but you like books with mystery and smart guys that gives you a headache and sound British in your head, then you should read it too. I actually recommend it. The British accent thing. It's kind of sexy.