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Redemption (The Alexa Montgomery Saga, #4) - H.D. Gordon In the end, we all die. This is not a question. Inarguable. No mystery lies here. The mystery dwells in two questions: How long will our story be, and what will be left on the pages?The Alexa Montgomery Saga is a tale of so many things. Unconditional love and friendship, fight for what you believe in, fight for those you love. I fell in love with the characters from the very beginning, but most of all Alexa, the most badass heroine I have ever met and her sister Nelliana, also pretty badass. The story is brilliantly written by H.D. Gordon. An author I will never forget an has gained another big fan. Thankyou, H.D., for these amazing books!The fourth and last book in the saga reads really quick (for me at least). But that doesn't mean it's any less awesome. I think I just read it quickly because it was so good. Though the ending chocked me and filled me with horror for a moment, it felt right. Any other way, and it would not have been right.That's all I have to say. I recommend this book to everyone. It really is a MUST-READ.