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Barbie Girl - Heidi Acosta This book is everything I thought it would be. It doesn’t exactly qualify as a light summer read because there is a bunch of drama and tons of emotions in it, but it does have one of the sweetest romances I have ever read.Okay so this book is about Dylan, who is kind of a nerd, and Barbie. Barbie has a reputation, a bad one. But there’s more to her then meets the eye. Her mother is drunk most of the time and she has to take care of her little brother Everett, who happens to be autistic. So it’s not strange that she’s failing classes and needs a tutor. That tutor is Dylan, a boy she’s known from when she was a kid. If he helps her get an A, she’ll help him get the girl he wants. What they didn’t count on was that they’d get real feelings for each other.Again, I have to say that the romance in this book was just so sweet. Even though this is a pretty short book, it builds up nicely and not to fast. It feels so right when they are together and their chemistry just touched me. I really loved them both and I loved this book and I really really want to read book 2 now because I really want to know what happens next for them.I absolutely loved Barbie. She’s the opposite of what you’d picture for a girl named Barbie. She’s badass and like I said, she has a bad reputation. But there’s more to her. She’s so caring and has so much love to give. I loved her. And Dylan. The kind of hot nerd boy. Yeah… I want a Dylan for myself… Third is also awesome. He’s a very loyal friend and I liked him very much.This book was sweet, romantic, funny, full of drama,… It had everything I look for in this genre. It had more depth then I thought it would, and the writing was also very good. So yeah, I want to read the next book!If you love a sweet romance and a not-so-light-but-still-great summer read, this is the book for you to read this summer. Whether you’re at home in the yard or at the beach, this book is great to read. Even in the winter, curled up under a blanket, it would be a good way to spend your time.