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The Rise (The Alexa Montgomery Saga, #3) - H.D. Gordon I know now that I am what is called a Sun Warrior; the last of a race of supernatural Warriors that were bred and built for battle and killing. More importantly, I know that this power I have comes with a huge price. The more I kill, the more I want to kill.Throw all your predictions for this book in the trash, get comfy in your couch with a large bag of potato chips and something to drink, because you’re not moving the next few hours. This book hooks you right from the start, just like the other books did. The amount of WTF?-, OMG!- and O_O-moments in this book are unbelievable. I'll tell you this (minor spoiler without giving any big things away): a couple of characters die and you will be chocked. H.D. Gordon has done a brilliant job on this one. Even better than the previous books. No, I didn’t know that was possible either. Alexa is as badass as ever and the inner conversations she has with her monster are comical. She and Kayden have a few Aaaahw-moments that’ll melt your heart.I stared down at my hand. Took a deep breath, opened my mouth. I had no idea what was going to come out. “I-I… belong to you,” I whispered, and the words were a slow thought, processed as they were spoken. They held no question. Kayden’s hand came up and tilted my chin back. I stared at my lion; his golden skin, his carved muscles, the strong line of his jaw, and those eyes. A tear escaped my own. It rolled down my cheek, warm and wet. Kayden’s rough but gentle thumb brushed it away. “Yes, my Warrior,” he said, “and I you.”Nelly… Geesh, Nelly. I was literally screaming at my laptop to a fictional character most of the time. She had some major issues in this book. Jackson was still an stupid ass, but the further the book continued the less he was a stupid ass. And then came another OMG WTF WHAT? O.O-moment near the end. And King William is a first class asshole, for sure. The new characters that are introduced are as awesome as the old ones. Seriously. (Some are new supernatural creatures!)And there is a surprise at the end I didn’t expect, but liked very much. (I also hated it, because now it is even more difficult to wait for the rest of Alexa’s awesome journey.)If they wanted a war, then that was exactly what they would get.That’s all I have to say about it. (Enough, no?) What can I say more of this novel? Other than ‘JUST READ IT ALREADY!’, nothing. So adios and enjoy reading the book! I’ll leave you with one last quote from the book.In the end, we all die. This is not of question. Inarguable. No mystery lay here. The mystery dwells in two questions: How long will our story be, and of what will the pages read?