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Half Black Soul (The Alexa Montgomery Saga, #2) - H.D. Gordon "There is no feeling that is comparable to that of being truly lost. I don’t mean lost in the woods, or desert, but lost in the way that only can happen internally. Lost to the deepest, blackest pit of your soul, clinging to ghosts of past times, when you thought you knew who and what you were.”Awesome, just awesome. Why are you even reading this? Read the book!"They say that change happens over time. I think change happens in rapid moments, moments that are as unpredictable as love, as fleeting, and moments that possess you, rather than the other way around.”In the second book of the AM Saga we get to know Alexa and Nelly better through the different POV's. Secrets are revealed and there are some twists toward the end that'll make you wanting more of these amazing books. If you want to know what, just read the book!The writing is as brilliant as the first book, if not better. H.D. Gordon is a genius and amazing storyteller. Keep up the good work!"What remains now is no longer a question of whether I can overcome my inclinations, but rather a question of redemption."Alexa is a badass heroine. She's an ass-kicking, stubborn, caring, protective girl that has (often hilareous) inner conversations with her bad side, wich she calls monster. Beat that Bella Swan! (Sorry, had to say that! Lolz.) Jackson is a stupid ass untill further notice. Nelly is also badass and Kayden is just yummy. So yeah, that's it. =)"If God had called me up to heaven, and told me that I was allowed to build a man to belong to me, I would have built myself a Kayden."Thank you, H.D. for this brilliant book!