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Unearthly - Cynthia Hand Okay, here's my third full review to date, yay! It would be nice if you read it, liked it and/or commented. Sorry for faults in my English! Let's get things straight first. What I thought of this book was that it would be just another angel-story. But this time the girl is the angel. (Like in Halo, and I hated that book a lot, so..) I thought she had to save him and would eventually and they would fall in love and so on.. Then there was a third boy. So I thought 'Geesh, not another love-triangle...' But nothing in this book came as I expected. Everything was just thrown in my face, exactly the opposite of what I thought would happen. And that is a good thing, really. And then... BAM! It ends. It just ends like that, leaving me hanging there. xDOkay the characters.I loved them. They were original and fun. Clara is a great main character and I liked her a lot! Just a (not so) normal teenage girl that has to change homes and try to fit in in an entire new town. Her family is great. She has a good bond with er mom and even with her brother. (Wish I had such a brother.) I hated Christian for what he did to Clara at the prom. Really. His character is well-written, but I don't like the Christian-types, so I was really glad when I met Tucker in the book. He was a fun guy, someone I would want as a boyfriend. The relationships are well developed. No instant love (wich I hate)! The love grows over the course of the novel. That is a really good thing! I don't believe in God, wich is why I hated Halo so much I think. But this novel got it. It is a great story and I recommend it to everyone that loves the genre or just wants to read a good book in the Angel-genre for a change. That's about it.