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Escaping Reality - Lisa Renee Jones Okay, up until the last chapter, this book was pretty standard with a little twist in it. A girl on the run from something or someone, meets a hot, very rich guy on the plane that is instantly obsessed with the girl, but has his own issues and past. And then the last chapter threw a one big twist in my face that leaves me with one giant questionmark.Escaping Reality is about Amy Bensen. Amy has gone through something in her past and now she’s running for it. New name, new home, new life. And while running again after six years of peace, she meets Liam Stone on the plane. He’s a very handsome, very rich and very talented architect. And he’s instantly obsessed with Amy. They start a passionate affair, but Amy keeps doubting if she can trust him at all.Like I said before, this book is pretty Fifty Shades-like in the beginning. Except for the big mystery behind Amy herself, which I’m still figuring out after finishing the book. The writing was okay, the story was… yeah standard. The only thing that makes it a bit different from all the other books in the genre is the mystery behind Amy. Which, luckily, is enough to keep my interest up, but after a while, that stops. Nothing really happened until the very end and that wasn’t enough in my opinion. Yeah sure, it gives me some questions, and I do want to know the answers, but still…The characters were…. Okay? Liam is very Christian-like and basically, I’m getting sick of that type. Rich, hot, issues from the past, obessed with the main girl for some reason,… Honestly, if I were in those situations as those girls in the books are when they meet the rich, hot guy, I’d run away from them. I don’t need some obsessed guy who wants to own me. So no, I didn’t really like him. As for Amy… Well she was somewhat the same as the girls in the other books. They throw back feminism by hundreds of years and I don’t like that for one bit.So basically it’s pretty standard and despite that, I do want to read the sequel because I need answers to those questions. I recommend this book to people who love Fifty Shades of Grey and other books like that.