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The Devil's Tattoo - Nicole R. Taylor 3.5 stars*I received a this book from the author for review. Thanks!*Okay, I liked this story! I didn't really love it, but I liked it! And The Devil's Tattoo has got to be the coolest bandname ever. Seriously.Zoe Granger started playing guitar ever her heart was broken into a million pieces. And music has been her escape ever since. Then her best friend Dee suggest they start a band and everything goes quick after that. They call themselves The Devil's Tattoo and after releasing their first EP, it's on top of the sharts in no time. Contracts, photo shoots, interviews,... Everything has changed in such a short amount of time. Then they're asked to tour with the hot indie band The Stabs. Will is the bass player of that band and he only has eyes for Zoe, but Zoe doesn't trust guys that easy and she doesn't want her heart broken again. But Will is determined. This tour is either going to be a highway to hell or a stairway to heaven.I liked the story. It's really cool! I love music and this is pretty realistic. Things can go very quick very sudden and I liked that! The writing was good too, although it was a bit fast in the beginning and I didn't quite understand the situation between Will and Zoe because of that. It seemed like insta-love, but it wasn't. It just seemed that way because of the fact that we skip through a couple of months in the first few chapters. But it got better once they started the tour and even though I liked those two together, I kind of wanted Zoe to fall for her best friend because they were so funny together! Their conversations are hilarious and they seem like a married couple after 30 years of marriage. Seriously cool. The whole band is that way. It's like a family and I love that!I liked the characters. Zoe is cool and I get where she comes from. And I adore Dee, he's just awesome. I really liked all of them and I'm happy that I got to know them!If you love books about bands and music and friendship and all that, you'll probably like this one too. So try it out! Maybe it's something for you!