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Becoming Human: The Exilon 5 Trilogy, Book 1

Becoming Human - Eliza Green Honestly, this is not a genre I usually read. No, correction. This is not a genre I usually enjoy. But I did! I enjoyed this book! Surprisingly so. So, in this book the earth is dying. It's overrun and destroyed by humanity. The 'world government' has terraformed a new planet and is slowly bringing people to that planet. It has several POV's, both on earth and Exilon 5 (the new planet). And each character mattered and had their own voice! We have Bill, a high level government official who doesn't like the natives from the new planet (called Indigene) very much because he thinks they killed his wife. It follows a few natives and a few characters back on earth. The different POV's made it easier for me to get into the story, which is usually very hard for me in this genre. BUT, sometimes it felt like there were to many. Some were necessary, I get that, but some were not and I wouldn't have minded if those didn't have a separate POV. But the story was very fascinating and really original. It's a very good example of the issues that follow when a government has ultimate control over people. And I liked discovering the origins and background from the Indigenes. Very interesting to read. And it never got really predictable. Some parts were, but most of the time it surprised me. It's obvious this is the first part from a trilogy. This book covers most of the world-building and backstory (which is a huge plus) and introduces the characters to us. While doing all that, it makes me curious for the sequel. Very well done Eliza! If you love Sci Fi books or dystopian, you will like (or even love) this one too. I recommend it to them. If this genre is really not your thing, I don't but you might as well give it a try. Who knows, maybe it surprises you and you like it anyway.