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Seduced in the Dark (The Dark Duet, #2)

Seduced in the Dark (The Dark Duet, #2) - C.J. Roberts I'm going to keep this simple and honest. I had to struggle to get through the book, but I'm glad I did. The ending is perfect and I really love the book. I hated Caleb and Livvie most of the time. Him for being such a f*cked up asshole and her for being a stupid dumb girl. I really thought the two of them belonged in a mental institution. Seriously. How fucked up can someone be to put someone through such things and like it? And then I learned Caleb's whole story and the hate vanished. Not completely, I still think he's an asshole for doing what he did to Livvie and the other girls, but I just hate him a little bit now. I have to admit that if I were Livvie, I would have shot Caleb's head of the instant I got the chance to do so in the first book, but that's just me. She falls in love with him and that I can't understand. xD But yeah, the ending is good, so. C.J. Roberts did a good job writing this story and deserves credit for it, so GREAT JOB C.J. ROBERTS! You had me from the beginning of the first to the very last word of the second book. I was lost in your story and I loved it. Keep up the good work!Everybody else: GO AWAY AND READ THIS BOOK IF YOU HAVEN'T ALREADY! Okay? Good. But you need to read the first book first. Okay? Bye then!