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No One's Angel

No One's Angel - Kelly  Walker *I received this book from the publisher via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.*No One’s Angel is a heartwarming, though a bit chocking story that touches a tough subject and handles it very well. Very engaging with a sweet and nearly perfect romance. Kelly Walker once again delivers a good, well-written book.So this book is about Angel aka Tess. She used to play a game on her pc all the time with some friends she met online. The most important friend is Arion. She had a really special connection with him. But when she met Nick, she stopped playing to find something more in real life. But what she found is Hell. So after a while of living in hell, she escapes and appears soaked to the bone on Arion’s doorstep. Arion aka Axel owns a cafe and well… he’s not poor. At all. But that’s not the point. So Angel is running for Nick and ends up at Arion’s house. Arion is determined to heal her wounds and take all the pain away and maybe some of his own pain along the way. And maybe they’ll find that connection again.“You’ll always be my Angel. If I have to, I’ll build you new wings.”I already read something by Kelly before, so I already knew the writing would be good. This story was very engaging and although there doesn’t happen much until somewhere near the end of the book, it never bored me. I loved how Arion and Angel looked for that old connection again and learned how they felt for each other all along. It’s not insta-love because they met before the start of the book and their relationship grew back then, in this book, they’re trying to get that connection back while they’re dealing with Angel’s past. And it’s very realistic, what she’s been through. A lot of people deal with domestic violence every day and it’s a very tough subject. But Kelly handles it very well and gives a good message about it too. Don’t be afraid to talk about it with someone. You’re not alone. So I loved that about the book.The characters were great, well-developed and there was depth to them all and they all played a part in this story. Angel was a sweet girl and she didn’t deserve what Nick did to her. And she has some healing and dealing to do, but she grows in the book and she deals with her past. And I liked Chelsea, Arion’s sister. She’s fun and caring and yeah, I really liked her! But I loved Arion the most of course. You’d think he was a geek, but he’s not. He’s actually really hot and just a sweet and loving guy. Yeah of course, he can be a typical guy, but that’s what I liked about him. And he genuinly cared about Angel and wanted to help her and once I got his backstory, I understood his issues with people leaving too. Nick was a stupid asshole, but that’s kind of obvious I think.Once again, this story breaks your heart at first, but it heals it and glues it back together. It’s about a tough subject, but that shouldn’t stop you from reading it. On the opposite, you should read it because of the topic and makes you aware of how serious it can get. So I recommend this book to fans of Contemporary Romance books. Read it and I hope you like it just as much as I do.