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This Girl (Slammed, #3)

This Girl (Slammed, #3) - Colleen Hoover *I received a copy of this book from the publisher via Netgalley. Thank you!*Damnit, Colleen. Are you making it a goal to make me cry with every book your write? If so, you're doing a good job at it. This Girl Is the perfect conclusion for a series that made me cry, laugh, love, hope, dream, mourn and cry a little more. Perfect. Absolutely perfect.This is the third and I think last book in the Slammed Series and it's a mix between scenes from the honeymoon of Will and Lake and Will telling his side of the story (the first book). It was so sweet and romantic and sad and funny. I fell in love with all these characters. They're just butterflying perfect. I love Will. He's such a sweet, caring, responsible,... guy and Lake is just his other half. I love Kel and Caulder and Kiersten and Julia and Eddie and Gavin. I love the slams and memories and the scenes of the honeymoon. I loved reading their happy ending, because I still believe we all deserve one. I can't say much more about this book. I couldn't with the first two book, I can't with this one. It's just so good. Yeah I know, there's insta-love. But for once I don't care. I just love this book so much. And I believed it in this book. Hell, I even lived it. It was love at first sight for me and my boyfriend and we've been together ever since the day we met. (4 years, 5 months, 22 days and counting!) So I don't hate insta-love in books, I just like it when I can believe it. Like in this book. I really recommend these books to every one who loves a book that makes you cry, laugh, love, hope, dream, mourn and cry a little more. Colleen, I love you and your writing and you're one of my favorite authors of all time.