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A Shimmer of Angels (The Angel Sight Series)

A Shimmer of Angels  - Lisa M. Basso *I received a copy of this book from the publisher through Netgalley. Thanks!*Yes, this is a book about angels. No it's not as bad as I expected. Actually it was pretty good. Surprisingly so. I don't give 4 stars to angel books every day you know.So this book is about Rayna, a girl that can see Angels and because of that she has been in a mental health institute for the last couple of years. When she's finally free, she wants nothing more then a normal life, but life doesn't always go the way you want. The angels are showing up again, along with a growing number of dead students. I liked Rayna. She's determined (or stubborn...) to ignore the angels she sees because she does not want to go back to the mental institute. She just wants to be normal, start a job and all that. She was a bit clumsy and that I didn't really care for because it seemed like to much, to overdone, but okay, I can live with that. She has a great best friend and I loved seeing the two together as nothing more than just friends.I also liked Cam and Kade and getting to know them. The story was good. The writing was good and I loved the mystery around the deaths and I really wanted to know who was causing them. I loved how Rayna's determination to figure out the truth no matter what. The romance... Well, it was a bit confusing. Rayna feels attracted to two boys, but one of them is an angel and the other a demon. Now I don't know much about this, but I think angels don't have real human emotions, so I don't think there was a real connection between those two. The other one is a demon and he wanted to help Rayna in figuring the whole thing out with the deaths and all. So romance isn't really a big part of this book. Which isn't bad, it's nice for a change. Again, I recommend this book to lovers of the YA paranormal genre. Even if you're a bit hesitant because of the whole angel thing, you should give it a try. It might surprise you like it did me. I will read the next book in the series! Oh and the cover is gorgeous!