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The Host: A Novel

The Host - Stephenie Meyer Let me say this first. I get why people have problems with the slow start, I did to the first time I read it. I didn't even continue reading it until a friend told me how got it turned out to be. I just had to push through and it would be worth it, according to her. And you know what? She was right. This book was so much better then Twilight. The writing was better, the story was better and more original and the characters were a lot better. (Not that that was so hard to accomplish...) This is a romance-sci fi novel. I thought they balanced each other out very well. It's obvious that this story is about Melanie and Jared, but there is much more to it. I loved the fact that it was pretty original, the sci fi part of it all, not the romance. So yeah, I loved this book. You have to get through the first part of the book and after that this book is great. So if you're going to read it, just push through and you'll see that this book isn't that bad at all. You never know how much time you'll have.This review is also available on my blog: BookaddictBieke